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Professional Home Inspections WITH a Warranty

In addition to the common "Pre-Purchase" inspection for the buyer, INSPECTION SPECIALISTS is also qualified to perform listing inspections for the seller

Quicksale Listing Inspection

"A professional listing inspection benefits both the buyer and the seller resulting in a smoother sale from start to finish..."


Armed with the latest in computer technology, our inspectors provide the most comprehensive inspection report in the industry. A complete, concise and easily understood narrative report is printed on site. Your report, located in our 3-ringed binder, is at your fingertips and allows you to address any immediate concerns with potential buyers.

Peace of Mind
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Halfway to closing is no time to find out that you will have to make additional repairs at your expense in order to close on the house. Know what you are dealing with ahead of time with a Guaranteed Professional Listing Inspection.
and Qualified
All of our inspectors complete their training at Arizona SunTech, a professional inspection training school. In addition, our certified inspectors have passed the testing required for membership in the American Society of Home Inspectors, Inc. Inspection Specialists, in business for over 27 years, stands behind its services with a written service warranty assuring a top notch, professional home inspection.
  1. The written report allows a buyer to satisfy any concerns of the home's condition. What better way to accurately represent the condition of your home to a buyer than to have available an inspection report written by an independent third party who warrants their work?

  2. Our unique Service Warranty means no surprises for the seller! If a buyer’s inspection reveals a major defect that we missed, we will correct it at no cost to the seller (certain limitations apply, see the warranty document).

  3. A rider sign is available for attachment to your For Sale sign: "This Home Has Been Professionally Inspected by Inspection Specialists". This puts the potential buyer at ease and sets your home apart from others.

  4. Payment for the listing inspection can be made at closing and is billed to escrow.  There is no up front cost to the seller.  The bill becomes due only if the listing changes. Note: A billing charge will be assessed for a deferred escrow payment.




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